Reblogging for the daytime people


Reblogging for the daytime people


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Featured Characters/Pairing: Ash Serena ~ AmourShipping

Topic: ❝The Storm❞


It all seemed to happen so suddenly. The blustering winds and the pouring rain was hastily becoming too much for the group of friends. The luminescent sun had been replaced by dark storm clouds, the wind vigorously blew through the trees, and powerful lightening flashed consistently across the sky with boisterous thunder sounding after it. Nobody had been around for miles it felt like as they appeared to be the only ones stuck out in the storm, and nowhere close to a Pokémon Center.

They could barely see where they were going as rain droplets constantly bothered their line of vision. Attempting to stay close to one another as much as possible, the four companions tightly held hands with one another to keep from separating. With Clemont in the back holding Bonnie’s hand, her holding Serena’s, and Serena firmly gripping Ash’s as he walked in the front; securely shielding Pikachu close to his chest with his other available arm, they walked carefully in a straight line.

His teeth were clenched as he tried desperately to see where he was going, but it’s not like the group knew exactly where they were headed in the first place. Instead, possibly hoping to come in range with a house nearby with a family that would willingly invite them in.

However, things abruptly turned south when another intense boom of thunder sounded through the atmosphere, and briskly scaring Bonnie as she released hands with Serena to hug her brother around his torso. With the unexpected halt in their trek, Ash was becoming anxious. He gently let go of Serena’s hand, and walking towards the two siblings to make sure they were okay.

He looked at the both of them with one eyelid closed. ‘C’mon you guys, we have to keep walking until we find somewhere safe to go until the storm passes! …Is Bonnie okay!?’ Ash questioned worriedly to Clemont in particular as he watched intently at Bonnie’s scared and trembling body. Her hair and clothes had been drenched along with everyone else’s, and her pale blue eyes had remained shut.

Clemont stood still as he looked at Ash through the wet lenses of his glasses. ‘We’re okay, but Bonnie’s just scared! I don’t know if we can-’ Clemont stated, but quickly stopping his sentence as he gasped from the happening going on in front of him. Ultimately noticing his friend’s panicked demeanor, Ash gradually glanced behind him and gazing up towards the darkened sky as a stroke of lightening flashed across it, and rigorously striking a nearby tree.

His heart immediately dropped as he momentarily watched in fright, the catastrophe currently going on in front of him. ‘…Serena, watch out!' He hollered in a frenzy, while running forward and diving briskly as he pushed Serena out of the way of the immense falling tree; knocking the two of them down to the ground, and also separating them from Clemont and Bonnie. Their skin and clothes had also been covered in mud, but that was honestly the least of their worries.

Ash sighed in relief from his fortunate rescue, and staring next to him at Serena as he still had his arm wrapped around her — although, he didn’t seem to notice. Nevertheless, he asked Serena if she was okay as all she did was nod her head timidly; still slightly in shock from what could’ve been a disaster if Ash hadn’t risked his life to save her. He soon then helped her off of the ground as they both acknowledged the divide in the path caused by the tree that was so wide, you couldn’t see over it.

Now hoping that the two siblings were okay and would make it on their own, Serena and Ash continued their trek alone in search of some shelter out of the storm; agreeing to go searching for their friends once the storm was over.

Step after step, inch after inch — it literally felt like hours to them until they finally came in route of a cave. Tightly holding hands with one another, they ran as fast as they could to the empty cave just a few feet ahead of them. Once inside, Serena wrung out her damp hair, while Ash dried off Pikachu’s fur including himself with a towel he conveniently had stashed away in his bag.

Serena then shivered from the cool air inside of the cave. ‘Wow, I’m freezing… How about we let all of our Pokémon out of their Pokéballs to help us keep warm?’ Serena suggested as she wrapped her hands around her arms for warmth.

Soon agreeing to the idea, Ash is first to let out his Pokémon with Serena later mimicking his actions. They soon squatted down and huddled against each other to warm their body temperatures up, but as quickly as they began warming themselves, they briefly found themselves trapped as the entrance to the cave suddenly closed shut from the vast amount of trampling rocks as the top of cave became struck by lightening.

Ash scoffed in frustration, while Serena gasped in panic. ‘Oh no, now how are we going to get out of here? I can barely even see anything.’ Serena muttered, but ultimately sensing Ash’s body movement as he stood up.

He walked toward the fallen rocks, feeling against them before turning back around to face Serena. ‘…Don’t worry, we’ll find a way out here somehow, but now’s not the time to be worrying about that, anyway. For now, just ask Fennekin to use its Flamethrower to give us some light.’ Ash explained sternly as Serena and Fennekin did just that.

He then smirked faintly for a split second before getting serious and stating, ‘…I also think it’d probably be best if we just keep our Pokémon inside of their balls where it’s nice and safe. We don’t want them getting hurt.’

Serena looked at Ash slightly stunned, but soon glaring at her precious Fennekin prior to seeing the logic behind Ash’s comment. As much as she wanted to keep Fennekin out to keep warm against its fur, she’d never forgive herself if something were to happen to it.

She sighed in defeat, while pulling out Fennekin’s Pokéball. ‘…You’re probably right — Fennekin, return.’ Serena demanded, but watching agitatedly as the small Fire-type maneuvered its way out of the red beams’ line of trajectory only making Serena more frustrated as she puffed out her cheeks; Ash ultimately having the same problem as well with all of his Pokémon.

Eventually giving up, he exhaled deeply before sitting back down beside Serena on the cold cave floor. ‘…Alright well, it’s obvious to me that none of you want to return to your Pokéballs, so I guess it’d be okay if you just stay out here after all.’ Ash retorted as the Pokémon cheered satisfyingly amongst themselves.

Subsequently though, Ash could plainly see how cold Serena was, and abruptly coming up with an idea. He gently removed his signature blue and white jacket off of his body, and graciously wrapping it around Serena’s in attempts to warm her up more.

Serena stared at Ash with her wide sapphire eyes as all Ash did was shrug. ‘…I know it’s not much… but hopefully it can help to keep you a little warmer.’ He told her, and Serena smiled bashfully as she soon thanked him.

Then she said, ‘But what about you? I know you have to be cold too, and what if you get sick?’ She inquired worriedly.

However, Ash smiled confidently, while shaking his head in denial. ‘Don’t worry about me, Serena. As long as you’re fine, then I’m okay.’ He assured her, causing Serena’s cheeks to flush a bright crimson red.

Meanwhile, the Pokémon soon acknowledged how chilly their trainers appeared overall, and promptly nudging the two friends closer together before scurrying off to the opposite side of the cave as they huddled together with one another once more. Evidently, the unexpected gesture had taken them both by surprise, but nor did they argue about it.

Serena could then feel her insides churning as she thought back to the earlier events that had occurred. ‘…Hey, Ash…’ Serena’s voice trailed off apprehensively.

Ash soon responded, but without moving his body a inch. ‘Yeah?’

Serena stumbled with her words. ‘I… I still can’t believe you risked your life back there to save me from that falling tree… it’s as if you didn’t even think twice about it… why?’

Ash then quickly looked at Serena after her peculiar question. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, and chuckling simultaneously. ‘What do you mean, why Serena? I saved you because you were in trouble.’

Serena’s stare then met Ash’s as she protested. ‘Yes I know, but what if things didn’t end up the way they did? I know you were only trying to save me, but what about you? …If I known you had gotten hurt just so you could rescue me, I… I’d probably go crazy to tell you the truth.’ Serena admitted as Ash hastily seen the seriousness all in her voice and facial expression.

He sighed subtly. ‘…Truth is, Serena… I do this kind of stuff all the time sort of like on impulse. When it comes to the people and Pokémon I care about, I don’t exactly ‘think twice’ when it comes to saving them; I barely think once… People often times call me rash, but I don’t see it as that at all. Ha in fact, I remember this one time I saved a friend of mine from being sucked away by a twister and another time when I helped a friend out of the way, so a Donphan wouldn’t roll over her… There was even a time I moved a friend out of the way, so her Pokémon wouldn’t trampled over her for a poffin… And heck, I’m practically saving my Pokémon every single day when it comes to Team Rocket.’ Ash replied, reminiscing back to the often unfortunate occurrences where he’s put his own safety on the line to save others.

Serena only smiled at him as he continued. ‘…I don’t know I just can’t help it. It’s not like I’m just going to let my friends get hurt.’ He murmured, and looking at Serena once more as he stared intensely into her eyes.

Soon he said, ‘…I saved you because you needed me. I mean, if I hadn’t, then who else would’ve? If you ever got hurt, I’d probably go crazy.’ Ash stated, copying Serena’s comment from earlier.

He then proceeded to stare at her in a daze. ‘Like I said, I don’t care about getting hurt or anything like that… as long as the people I love are safe, then that’s all that matters to me… but let’s not talk about that anymore. You’re safe, I’m safe, our Pokémon are safe, and let’s just pray that Bonnie and Clemont are safe too… We got nothing but each other now, right?’ Ash mumbled softly as Serena found herself speechless.

She knew Ash was one of a kind — not like anybody she’s ever met before, but this was a new side of him that she wasn’t familiar with… she liked it, though. What also had her wondering is if he meant ‘love’ as in friends almost like family, or ‘love’ as in… something else. *wink, wink*

Even so, she took his words into consideration; leaving the subject alone, and reluctantly resting her head on Ash’s shoulder as they continued to cuddle together to ‘keep warm’. And if the storm were to ever pass anytime soon… they definitely wouldn’t know it right away.

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